President's Day

President’s Day always makes me think of the phrase “Act Presidential”. In the current climate, that can be a tough model to follow. For me, acting Presidential means being a great communicator! You have to listen to all sorts of incoming messages and try and do what is best for all involved. That is exactly true in relationships as well. If your partner is telling you something, it is probably NOT because they like to hear the sound of their own voice. It is because they HAVE A VOICE, which can be such a powerful tool. No one likes to NOT be listened to or told what to do, how to be or how to feel.

At the moment, we are seeing a lot of Executive Orders but in real life, no one likes an executive order. That implies someone else has power over me and I must do as you indicate. This builds animosity, judgement, and mistrust between people. Especially, if it’s all one sided in a relationship! In fact, I would barely call this situation a relationship. Your relationship is NOT a Fascist state! There are two people in your relationship and the balance should be 50-50. Just like the three branches of government, they should balance each other out and hold each other accountable.

So, if you feel underrepresented, I say make a power grab, always value and respect each other and always check and balance your partner as your relationship deepens! And next time you feel like writing an Executive Order, instead write a new law that governs and strengthens your United States of Regaytionships!

Matt Barnard